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Tired of your boring job?
Dream of using your talent in a creative career?
This is the course for you.

You’ve always had a creative streak.
It’s been there since you were born. You may have gone to college to earn a degree so you could start a career in a creative arts field like advertising and marketing. But today, you find yourself on an entirely different career path.

Don’t settle for that. You’re creative! Use this course to get started on the creative career you deserve.

From blah job to creative career faster than you can say, “college degree.”
College is great if you have time and money. Even so, a college degree won’t train you to land the right job to reach your potential.

We designed this online course to accelerate your progress to a creative career. Our unique skill training and coaching improves your work and gives you insight about how creative industries hire people. It shows how to do “Me Research” that reveals your long-term creative career goal so that you can plot a path to that goal.

It shares examples of the level of work you’ll need to convince your dream employer that you can do the job (even if you’ve never done it before).

It develops your creative skill with step-by-step instruction on a portfolio project, whether you want to be a planner, copywriter, art director, designer or digital designer. Even filmmakers and photographers have used JPL to succeed in their creative careers.

Finally, the course guides you through a job search process that teaches you how to get in front of your dream employer, nail the interview and get the job offer.

The same lessons JPL protégés get one-on-one.
We’ve taught hundreds of people one on one. This online course offers the same training that helped them succeed.

We offer two online course options: our Full Course and a Premium Course. Both courses have everything you need to start your career. The Premium Course offers live instruction webinars and a one-on-one session with coach Bart Cleveland to help you fine tune your work. If you decide you want even more help, you can upgrade to our original coaching program and have continuous live coaching every step of the way.
Learn with step-by-step instruction videos and downloadable guides.

You’re going to have a lot of fun changing your life. Easy to follow videos, templates, bonus training and tips guide you step-by-step through the process of transforming you into the creative professional you were destined to be. Check out our plans and pricing!

Essentials to prepare for your creative career

This course contains what you need to develop a creative career. From understanding required skills and how to develop them, to preparing work samples that prove you are ready to make your dream employer better!

Eight training modules help you build a career plan and portfolio. Bonus modules offer specifics on the range of roles from planning to copy, to design and more. Customize the course to the exact job what you want.

Module 1: How Careers Go Wrong
This lesson shows how promising creative careers get and stay on the wrong path, and the four basic steps that avoid pitfalls and keeps you on the right one.

Module 2: Finding Your Career
Learn “Me Research” that determines a specific career goal, the place to work, and the samples you’ll need to land the job that starts your creative career.

Module 3: Building Your Portfolio
Your portfolio gets you in the door! Learn how to put together a great portfolio that proves you’re capable of doing the job, even if you haven’t done it before.

Module 4: Improving Craft Skills
Become an idea generating machine using our Brainstorming Toolbox™. This lesson teaches techniques of idea generation that discover groundbreaking ideas.

Module 5: The Integrated Campaign
An integrated campaign in your portfolio instills confidence in an employer. This lesson shows how to execute a brand idea in every communication channel.

Module 6: Your Portfolio Website
A professional portfolio is your marketing platform. This module teaches dozens of details, from crafting unique descriptions to ordering work correctly.

Module 7: Resume and Cover Letter
Learn the art of turning a resume and cover letter into powerful marketing tools, and how they place you as the perfect candidate in the employer’s mind.

Module 8: Nail the Interview
The interview gets you the job – unless you blow it. Learn each step needed to prepare and deliver effectively. Captivate your dream employer and get the offer!

“Without JPL and Bart’s one-on-on instruction, it would have been impossible for me to have the creative career that I have today.”

– Gina Senese, Art Director, Ogilvy

Bonus material

Customize your course to your desired skill.

We’ve added training modules for creative roles: Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Digital Design. Though these are not in-depth training modules, they offer you guidance on how to learn and master your skill. There are tons of downloadable documents with resource references and work templates to help you along the way.

As if five bonuses weren’t enough, we added a Bonus-Bonus Module to help you launch your creative career ASAP.

We’ve added a Job Search Module to teach you to plan and execute your job search in a way that you will land your dream job and launch your creative career in the best way possible.

This two part bonus module teaches how to develop a brand expression and a project strategic brief, including how to prepare a impressive presentation.

Art Direction
From concept to design, this bonus covers the skills needed to be an art director. Downloadable resource documents and templates help students produce projects.

Learn the types of writing careers available and practice your chosen role using downloadable guides and templates.

This bonus teaches the process of identity development, from a brief to brand guide. Downloadable resources and templates guide you along the way.

Ninety percent of communications today are seen on a screen. This bonus reviews three digital designer roles, and the process of creating a digital project.

The Job Search
Our bonus-bonus module teaches each step of executing a job search using JPL’s Five Ps for Success: Plan, Prioritize, Preview, Prep, and Progress.

Is this course for you?

With degrees from biology to law, we’ve trained people from unconventional backgrounds to find creative careers rather than dull ones. What did they have in common?

They were curious, passionate problem-solvers who wanted to use the right side of their brains every day in marketing and advertising careers.

Sound like you? If so, this course is for you.

COLLEGE HAZE Ahh, school's almost over. To the dream job. Uh, oh. They didn't call back. No one did.

CAREER CRISIS Is your job at Boring & Blah locking you out of Brilliant & Creative? Here's a pass key.

CAREER APOCALYPSE After years at Nightmare, Inc., a fork in the road. Give up, or sign up.

FAQs about Build the Creative Career You’re Meant to Have

Q: I know that I want to use my creativity. Does this course help me learn how?

A: Yep. Our first two modules help you assess what you want in your career, and our bonus modules allow you to explore every creative role so you can customize your course to the role you know you were born to do.

Q: What if I get into this and decide it's not for me?

A: We are committed to your complete satisfaction and success. Try the course for 30 days. If it’s not for you, we’ll refund 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked.

Q: Do I have to wait for my course materials to be delivered week by week?

A: You get everything, videos, resource tools, templates and guides the nanosecond you hit “purchase.” And everything is downloadable so that you can keep nice and safe on your hard drive.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: It’s yours from now on, including updates. That’s right. You have access to all updates of the course you buy. Why? People learn at different speeds. Life happens. There’s a lot of reasons. Number one: We started JPL to help people have creative careers. Anything we can do to help make that happen means there’s one less miserable, bored, job-life hater out there.

Q: What if I need extra help?

A: We love to help people. Roll your Full Course into a Premium Course* by just paying the difference in the course cost. You’ll get help through live webinars by Bart Cleveland. Premium Course proteges also get a one-on-one, one-hour session with Bart to review your work.

*The Premium Course is scheduled and has limited spaces available. To roll into a Premium Course, sign up on the waitlist. You’ll be in no time.

Q: What if I need a lot more help?

A: We will walk every step of the way with you. If you find you need weekly one-on-one coaching, you can roll your online course into JPL’s live coaching programs, and start getting help immediately.

The best part of this answer: We deduct your online course price from your one-on-one coaching program price. Include your online course number in your application and pay the balance.

How Does it Work?

To maximize effectiveness, we created the course in the order needed to launch a creative career. Think of it as building a house; foundation, walls, roof, etc. Here’s the process:

Watch each instruction module video by JPL Coach, Bart Cleveland.

Download resource documents to learn skills and execute projects.

Use the bonus module for your chosen role (creative, strategy, digital) to learn the steps to execute a sample project.

Use the portfolio, website, and job search modules to learn how to be a top candidate, nail the interview and get the job.

Our resource documents lead you to even more help.

Technical skills, like software operation, may be needed to execute your projects. If you don’t have the skills you need, we include tips and links to help you find those resources.

This program works great when used in tandem with technical training by combining quality thinking with quality execution.

30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love this course. If not, tell us within 30-days of purchase and get a 100% refund. No questions asked. Left-brain happy? Make right-brain happy. Sign up.



Full Course
$497 one-time

Fourteen Step-by-step Videos Tons of Downloadable Resources & Templates Instant Lifetime Access

Build the Creative Career You're Meant to Have
Full Details
Premium Course
$997 one-time

Everything in the Full Course + Eight Weekly Live Coaching Webinars and a One-on-one session with Bart Cleveland. Limited Spaces!

Premium: Build the Creative Career You're Meant to Have
Full Details

NO RISK, 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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Nothing makes us feel better than hearing that our protégés are succeeding.

“JPL’s program helped me develop more than planning skills. Right out of college, I had the confidence and ability to tackle a very challenging ad world. Do it!”

Jennie Lee Gruber
Planner, 72&Sunny

“I went from waiting tables to a copywriter position in less than a year. JPL is more than skill training. Bart helps you believe in yourself in a way that makes you better than you can imagine. I did it, so can you.”

Sydney Bonner
Copywriter, Goodby Silverstein

“By re-engineering the academic model, Job Propulsion Lab helped me master the skills I needed to kickstart my career in only six months.”

Sam O'Brien
Designer, McGarrah Jessee

“JPL helped me rise to a whole new caliber of professionalism and craft. The program inspired me to visualize my dream, and then achieve it.”

Michelle Humphrey
Strategist, kbs+


Full Course
$497 one-time

Fourteen Step-by-step Videos Tons of Downloadable Resources & Templates Instant Lifetime Access

Build the Creative Career You're Meant to Have
Full Details
Premium Course
$997 one-time

Everything in the Full Course + Eight Weekly Live Coaching Webinars and a One-on-one session with Bart Cleveland. Limited Spaces!

Premium: Build the Creative Career You're Meant to Have
Full Details

NO RISK, 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Questions? Email us.